Feedback On My First Blender Model

I made my very first Blender model after realizing that making Low Poly Trees is hard in studio, what do you think?

Also if you have any Blender tips please feel free to comment them since I want to explore Blender a bit more. I used Blender 2.92 to make these models.


I think that they look pretty good however there is a lot of negative space on the trees that I would fill up. Looks pretty good for first build!


Looks good, makes me think of a low-poly game. Nice!

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I realllllly love the shaded colors on the autumn-themed tree. But, they seem empty. Maybe add some more branches or just more leaves to the tree, to take up the empty space.

Great detail on the colors though! Great first blender model.

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That looks like a really good low poly tree, nice job!