Feedback on my first Blender models and price advice

Here are the first models I have made on Blender:

[Car]image image image )

[Cessna 162 Plane](image image )

[Wheel Rim]


[Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda]


[Glock-18](image image )

I would appreciate it if you guys rated my models and if u could tell me how I should price them


In my opion these models look great, very nicely made with lots of plain detail. What I recommend is to make the plane model a little smoother on the engine. I would rate these models 7/10. You should price them by there size and powers of them. Great job!

I don’t believe you’re allowed to ask how much to price an asset, however I’d look for similar models such as yours and how much they’re going for.

Also the model itself looks amazing, I don’t really know what to say to improve them. And as these are your first blender models, I highly commemorate it! :+1:

Edit: I just noticed the gun is pretty smooth, you could try adding more detail to it by searching up references to use. Same with the sword.

I knew something was missing in the front, thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice, for the Glock 18 there were details I wanted to add but I went basic as a test

I also forgot that I created a armor


First of all, those are amazing for a first timer! Give yourself a pat on the back. One thing I’d recommend is for things like the car and the plane, setting the shading to smooth can really help make the model look more finished and complete.

For pricing you should charge per hour of work.

So charge like 15$ per hour of work you spend making models.

The robux equivalent too can be found in the myleafs devex calculator

Looks amazing for the first time