Feedback on my first build

So I mostly only do scripting and gui and have always disregarded building and have never really sat down to make a finished build of anything. So today I randomly decided to make a futuristic (:woozy_face:) style scene in Roblox studio. To make this truly my own build I made every single thing from scratch (except the curved wires are using a plugin called “oozle draw”)

Here are some pics from different angles :

Its not very good but any feedback is appreciated


For a first build, its great. I see you put in a lot of effort and everything fits nicely.

Assuming this wasn’t a first build, there would be several things I’d change. First would be to use more textures. It seems like you only used plastic and neon which is fine, but makes everything looks a tad bland, unless you were going with a low poly style.

Another thing is a lot of the features need more detail, such as the windows. A simple frame could help a lot. And just overall more detailing on the sides and walls would be nice. Like for example if you look at the first floor, the wall is mostly empty.

But for a first build it’s a good start.

Knowing it’s a first build I’d give it a 7.5/10.
If I didn’t know it was a first build it would be a 3.5/10.


If this really is your first build, you did an absolutely fantastic job, you made it so people can understand what feel you’re trying to make them experience. The only thing I suggest is that you make the cover on top of the vents more round. Overall, as I said you did a fantastic job. Keep up the great work…



Thank you. Yes, I completely forgot textures exist :sweat_smile:. I’ll make use of more textures next time


I would’ve wanted to make them round but I’m not familiar with advanced building techniques amd such. I used parts to try to give it a round shape. I do know theres a way where you can carve out a hole in a part but I do not know how

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Cover the vent with a part, then create a cylinder and make it a negation. Then, create an union between the part and the cylinder.

This is very interesting.

You might want to to make the wires a bit less messy and make the walls black instead of grey. It’d look better in my opinion. :+1:


Looks great for a first build, reminds me of Japanese Cyberpunk. I really like the electric pole and the wires.

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