Feedback on my first build

Let me know what you think in FULL HONESTY. Im a beginner. [[All of these are my models. But the SKYBOX is a Free Model]]


For your first build, you’re doing a great job. Starting out in Roblox Studio is never easy.

If you want my thoughts in full honesty, I will compare your build to that of what I’ve seen in other games:

  • The rooftops of the houses seem to have little spikes. In my opinion, these are kind of distracting, and don’t have any real aesthetic to them;

  • I know this is your first build, but I would recommend making different tree heights and sizes as you progress;

  • The walls of your house, as well as the crenellations (fancy bumps) in the cobblestone wall seem misaligned. In case you didn’t know, one way to make sure things are spaced and positioned evenly is to use the “Move” value found in the “Model” tab of the Studio window. I typically set this to 1, which moves parts by 1 stud; and

  • Whatever you’re going for, I always recommend looking at reference photos to get a better idea of what your build should look like. It can be as simple as searching something like “cobblestone wall” or “low poly tree” in your local web browser. When it comes to design, every little detail counts!

Once again, congratulations on your first build. Keep it up!


For a first build it is really good, I would suggest more detail on sizing the roofs. Good job :+1:

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Thx for the Feedback, You are very much well right even I thought things were a little janky. I will use your suggestions to the fullest. Once again. Thank You!

I currently am looking into what you suggest. Thanks for the positive Feedback.

That looks very nice for your first build! But you should slow down a bit, and take your time. Like on the wall, one part is slightly farther than the other one. On your roof, the wedges are slightly larger than they should be. That is the “spike” that darthbl0xx was talking about. These small things are okay for beginners, but you should take your time, and there will be less of these errors. Keep up the good work!

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I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Thanks for the Feedback. Ill be looking into it. Thanks again!

Press on the model tab at the top, then uncheck the move box. That will stop you from moving things by 1 unit. Then scale the wedges so that they don’t overlap. Same thing for the wall. All you have to do is decrease the amount that you move and scale things. That should fix your problem.

It’s pretty nice for your first build! I would suggest on putting Lighting!

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I agree with the roof issue and is the main material of the house grass? If it is I would advise to change it to something more associated to a building material for a house

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skyboxes dont really count as free models btw, literally everyone uses them even big game devs

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