Feedback on my first build

This is my first build, HS cakes, what you guys think about it?

(The cashier and the cakes are from the toolbox)

(Remember, this is my first build, so maybe i did some mistakes)

(Do not think that this is the final product, i will make more things)

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This is a great first build, just change the color of the counter, when I look at it it seems like I’m looking at the floor.

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Ok, thx for the review :slight_smile:

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Looks amazing for first time, but just one complain…That blue bright thing on the top ( maybe you was going for a logo) should be removed or redesigned, it isn’t fitting with other parts.


Inside looks nice. Only suggestion is to maybe change the door design. 7/10

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This is nice for your first build! Of course first builds aren’t going to be photorealistic or anything, but I feel you should add a few decorations on the walls. Otherwise, nice job! :+1:

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It’s not bad for a first build. A little rudimentary, but it’s alright, you’ll get better with time and experience.

Critique-wise, I think the window in the front is too big because of how high up it goes above the door. The chairs look unnecessarily tall, and the display counter looks a little too big as well. It’s okay to have a distorted sense of scale when you’re building, but I’d suggest using scale objects such as a humanoid NPC to decide how big an object should be compared to the player so it doesn’t look too uncanny. This will improve your building a lot.

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For a first-ever build? Wow! Absolutely outstanding job to you, that is really impressive for a first build!

For further improvements, work more on proportioning things. Make sure everything is to a more realistic size, for instance, if you sat on that stool in real life it might snap! :exploding_head:

But in all seriousness, really amazing job, and stick with it! We need more creative developers on Roblox!

Use reference pictures especially as a first-timer, as a first build, it’s clear you understand the basic principles. Other than that, it’s not a particularly good first-time build but that doesn’t matter, you’ll continue to improve.

Thanks for the support guys :slight_smile:

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Looks really good for a first build! I would recommend using a Roblox character as a size reference so you don make things too big or too small! Good job!