Feedback on my first building

im still learning to build and i have made my very first building!

i hope you guys like it!


  • i like it
  • its good for starters
  • i think you can do better

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I think it’s nice for starters, really depends on your objective though. What are you trying to build here? Or is it just for fun and experience? :slight_smile:


its a building that is next to my sisters apartment

Nice! That’s pretty good for starting.

My idea to improve is try working on more detail on the windows. To me, the windows are the most common thing you see, because you see them from a distance. Just try adding some window frames and I think it’ll help improve your skills! :slightly_smiling_face:

someday ill add some window frames and add a little more detail

Ok, good luck! Keep up the good building!

heres a link to the building i made

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Hi. It’s nice, a pretty basic building. I would suggest making the doors taller but also smaller in width. Also, the windows appear quite bulky and you should add a window frame to the windows. hope this helps

I’d say it isn’t half-bad for a starter perspective. Keep going ahead!

If you want to enhance your building visually:

  • Adding window frames to make it definitely more logical, you could even add some basic window frame pattern to it as well (as mentioned before).
  • You could add some detailing to the roofing as well, for example adding an air ventilation system with vents and units.
  • The doors could be taller.
  • You could add some detailing to the walls to make the building appearance much cooler (ornaments).

I mean this really all depends on how visually focused you want the building to be. If it serves as a background purpose, then it’s probably fine as it is, maybe noting some minor changes.

Though these suggestions are recommended if you’re making this build from a closely focused point of view.

Nice work overall.

It is really basic, try eventually using more shape. Otherwise, keep practising.

I do like the building. It’s very basic but it lacks a lot of details. Maybe add some doors otherwise pretty good.

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It’s good for a start! You should focus on detail more such as window trim, trim around the building, door knobs, detail throughout the brick. Overall amazing job buddy!

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Stop insulting me it’s my first building have some respect

It’s called constructive criticism. Not insulting you, this is supposed to help you not insult you.
Sorry if you thought it that way.

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I know you are helping me but the part where you said I barley put effort in it is a lie

Here is the updated version of my first building