Feedback on my first created game!

Hi everybody! can you take some time and check out this game? please I need some critical review! I will make some changes if you can suggest. Without a further moment, here’s the game:

Thanks, FusionFast :copyright:


The game is really basic. I feel like the overall environment could look a lot better. Maybe some settings for customizing lighting, and maybe some music that you can disable and enable.

I recommend you learn how to script your own guns, as the guns you’re using are ones from the Toolbox. I’ve seen them used in other small games as well, and I highly encourage taking the journey of learning to script a gun. I’m not a full blown scripter, but it would look a lot cooler if it were original. This is pretty good for a basic map test.


basic, overused gun system, i think its kinda bad. maybe edit the gui or the gun system to be more unique. maybe a minimap, or footsteps could help the game feel more less basic. Music could also help. with the map’s basic building style, i think some royalty free 8bit music would work.

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There could be a UI telling you how much ammo you have, like “5/6” or something.

I don’t know the look you’re trying to go for with the map, but it seems to basic. You could replace those big blocks with houses or buildings.

The map is quite big, which would be fine for a large server, as the max players per server is 50. However, with only a few people in a server such as 2 or 3, everybody is too far apart and it takes too long to find each other, especially with all of the blocks blocking your view. When I and some other guy were in a server together, we had to shoot up at the ceiling with our railguns to find each other. A way to fix this would be to have a place in the middle where everybody spawns, and people can run away from there.

You could add teams, which get there own spawn location with a semi-unblocked or unblocked sight to the other team(s).

I feel like there’s too many blocks in the map. (I’m talking about the very big ones. This would be fine on a 30-50 player server, but when you have 3 people trying to find each other, it gets bothersome. You could make it so that there are walls, and the more players there are the walls tween farther apart, and the less players there are the walls tween closer to each other.

There’s something that bothers the bajeebes out of me: you are condemned to stay on the floor. You can’t hop on one of those blocks and go snipe there. You could fix this by adding houses/buildings.

I like these types of games. My favorite part about this game is no scoping with the railgun. Or should I say, railFUN

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I see some potential in it, but at the moment it looks very barebones and doesn’t have much detail. The little messages on the walls are a neat touch though.

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This is just some free models in a map with a bunch of parts in it. Try to make your own weapon, it can even be basic, like a brick that makes noises and causes damage.

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I wish I would have known they were free model guns, and worse they were uncredited.


I think the game is pretty good. You could add some more things to the environment though
Like another comment said, I think you should add some type of ammo counter.

First: These guns aren’t made by you

Second: The Map itself is good for practicing but it feels way too slow

Third: The gameplay itself is bad and feels unfair

Overall the game is fun to play with friends, it feels very slow and it can be annoying when someone keeps jumping, the name for the game doesn’t suit it as 90% of the time “Legends” means that it’s a simulator game so I’d suggest changing the name.


It’s very addicting, but also very restricting. This shouldn’t really be considered a “game” because there is no goal to accomplish despite having pseudo-competition.

If you want to create a game, there must be a goal. Perhaps add a round system with distinct goals per round, i.e. most kills in a FFA, most kills in a team death match, capture the flag, etc.

On a side note:
Credit the creators. Even if it was an open-source asset that was free to use, it’s common courtesy to credit the developers who created it. You did not create anything except for the map as far as I am concerned. If you really want to create your own “game”, you must put in effort and not just bundle up community resources into a package and call it a game. A good example of this is Combat Warriors.


Thanks! I will test some smooth cam feautures with my mod on my pc! The pistol might get re-vamped. Thanks for your help!

FusionFast :copyright:

Erm, this isn’t his creation. He did not credit them anywhere, or mention of usage of these free assets. It’s sort of misleading to us, as we are reviewing the game, including THE guns/ assets. It’s not right that he is taking credit for this.

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Oh well in that case, it’s a lot more infuriating.

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Eh sorry, but it’s just a very bland map, the guns are from a Battle Royale default game from roblox. You should credit them yes.


The game is not that good because of the map and it has no gui and it uses the roblox guns with disables the mouse on pc (unable to select gui) and also please credit the free models you used, such as roblox’s guns

Its a really great start! The gun system is really nice, although id play around with the lighting, make a detailed map and add an ammo counter

What’s the point of the copyright symbol if you don’t have copyright?? unrelated but confusing.

Now for the review.

If I had to rate the game in it’s current state, which seems very unfinished, I’d give it a 2/10.
There’s a lack of objective and content. From the date of everything, It looks like you did it in ~10-20 minutes. There’s very little effort put into it.
With the lack of objective, it lacks anything to be fun. If it was some sort of paintball ring like the older games the platform used to have, I could see how fun it would be. (Especially with counters, goals and some sort of audible queue.)

Your description confuses me. First and ever? What does that mean? It’s also not even the first.

Overall, the quality as it currently stands is
The gameplay is
2/10 (Knocked down severely due to uncredited FMs)

you asked for critical, I gave critical.


well thanks… :sob: thanks though

Have fun

honestly, the tl;dr is that it needs to credit the guns and needs more mechanics to be complete.


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