Feedback on my first creation?

I created a cartoon styled mini-home. It took around 10-15 minutes since I was going through each part making sure it had the right texture and things were in the right place! :smiley:

This is my first creation which is also meaning that I’m not very experienced in making models, unfortunately. However, I’ll soon get better at making models similar to this! :slight_smile:


For a first model, it’s not bad. I’ve seen worse. The roof looks a bit weirdit could be uneven? I suggest adding a brick and sizing it down so it looks like the roof has slates, it’ll look better. The windows are uneven in height and the window on the right at the front has yellow coming out of the left side. To fix the height difference in window, i’d suggest using a larger increment (like 1) and making sure they’re aligned. Then I’d add more details, door frame, making windows attached to the house etc. Spend more time on this build and I’m sure it’ll look way better :slight_smile:

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Very nice! Well, in the future I guess you can make bigger houses. This is only for me, but you could add flowers instead of the grass. Continue creating these types of models!

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It’s pretty good. The roof is a bit off since it is not centered in the middle. The door should stick out a little.

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Hi there, I appreciate your feedback and I might take some of the things you said into consideration! :smiley: As I said when I posted this, I’m not very experienced in models and this is my first creation.

I will be working more on this model and taking time, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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I would say its quite good for a first build but make sure you fix that roof!

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The build looks fairly nice considering this is your first ever creation I genuinely like it. However, there is a few recommendations that I’ll add and change on the house itself.

I would recommend you expand on the detail try making the roof look more centered at the moment it looks a little to the left maybe try placing a texture or some sort of color to the roof just to give it a better feel to it consider throwing, a door frame on the building so the door won’t have a blocky approach. Add details. For starters, you can give your building more details and other proper features on the house you could try adding some brighter colors it.

And if you’re going to use the same roof for the house you should have different colors so the objects placed on it won’t blend in with the house such as the roof. Consider placing a small window on the door just to give it more detail, it’s definitely a good start to a cartoony house.

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I think this is my favourite type of house in roblox if you work more you will make better houses good luck.

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Thank you for your feedback, It’s very appreciated! <3 I will take some of things you said into consideration! :v:

For a first model that’s not bad at all, good job :slight_smile:
Just keep at it and you’ll keep getting better and better!

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Looks neat, I noticed on how the windows were a little above on the sides, so maybe try to level them with the windows on the front. You should add an inside to the build, and maybe an outdoor area as well.
My Suggestions

  • Add a chimney
  • Maybe have some windows with lights on & off
  • A backyard, etc.
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I’m taking this into full consideration, thank you so much! :slight_smile: