Feedback on my first currency GUI

So, i’m currently working on my currency GUI and i’m hoping to get a feedback. I’ve loved to hear your feedbacks.



Doesn’t look bad at all, the only thing to note is the use of a semi-colon in the amount of money you have. Usually, clocks do that, it’s not really for money or an amount.

The only thing is changing it from “00:00” to perhaps something like “0.00” or just “0” alone.
Other than that, it looks fine.


Yeh i think, anyways thanks for the feedback.

Looks pretty neat.

I like the icon and the colors. But you should change the “00:00” to “0” since currency doesn’t have colons.

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  • The padding on the right side is off.

  • Make the frame the same color as the edge of the coin.


Really nice and clean GUI!
However, I recommend removing the “00:00” and put $0.00. ( because it looks like a timer)

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Yeh, i’m planning to improve more the design of the GUI. Thanks for the feedback!

Make sure the padding of the frame where the currency text is is the same color as the border of the coin, as right now it looks too bright

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the colors are off a bit, they don’t work with the coins, the text looks more like a clock, and the font isn’t really suitable for a simulator styled coin thingie.

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