Feedback On My First Ever GFX!

Feedback on my new GFX!

I hope you like it, this is my first ever GFX.

Spent about 30 minutes on it.


For a 30 minute creation it looks astonishing, would be glad to see more of your future creations :wink:

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It looks good for your first time, the waving hand looks sort of dislocated though, could be more connected to the body if you get what I mean.

Keep the work up!


Well done!

I used to make GFXes with just the OBJ model, but I learnt to use rigs.

Here is a video which helped me soooo much to make them:

You can just download the blocky body :slight_smile:

Did you use photopea? I think you did because of the text in the bottom right.

This looks great for a first GFX! A lot of improvements could be made, but I’m not going to be harsh because its you’re first ever GFX, lol.