Feedback on my first finished GFX

Any feedback would be appreciated :smiley:


I think it looks amazing, but the red outlinelooks a little bit bad.

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Thanks. What is it that you don’t like about the outline?


It’s so bright, and it doesn’t fit well with the avatar.

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You should make the main character less red, it looks too much along with the background

Wait is it red?, I thought the character is a Roblox noob.

I meant the red highlight, the character isnt red!

Oh ok lol, I thought that you meant it’s red because you said main character.

Some peeps do say that red is sus, so yea, umm 0-0

This, looks good😓

The only misconception in the GFX is the background lighting. It seems too dark even the buildings so I would advise you to make the background a bit brighter.

That face is… terrifyingimage


Agreed lol.
(i hate when I’m forced to type :frowning: )

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Would it be better if it wasn’t as bright and maybe a little thicker? I want to highlight the character in some way.

The background is very hidden, you almost cannot see it. Adding a gradient may help, as well as increasing the light levels.

Your character is bright red, and should be emitting light. Overall it is very dark.