Feedback on my first game Obby Challenge!

Hey , I go by the name roman and here’s my first game I made over a month ago! I need an honest and constructive feedback about this game about every feature the game has!

Link - Obby Challenge! ⭐ - Roblox

Thanks for checking out!

All models in the game are made by me , except a few like donation board or global leaderboard. I have done few UI designs & GFXs too that enhances the game presentation.

Please RATE it out of 10!

Negative & Positive feedbacks are welcomed or if you have any great idea for the game!

I have a one more dev hired , so we are a team of 2 , we update the game almost everyday mostly adding new stages or improvements on the lobby! This game is unique than other obbys as it features sword fight arena , well built cafe , sewer (secret badges)

This game gets harder as you progress. The game has many different player badges too!


I’m not the biggest fan of how the game looks, but it’s well made. The intro is nice, UI is pretty decent, music fits for the most part, and the GFX thumbnail is nice. Heres how you can improve:

  • Change up the colors of the game, and put textures in places it fits more well.
  • Make all the thumbnails GFX, as screenshots from studio aren’t too great. For example, this rusty metal doesn’t look too great.

Overall, it’s pretty good!

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Oh , thanks , at first I went for a cartoony theme but I decided to make it like a type of difficult chart obby , hence from stage 15 , obby gets reall y hard , the most focused thing on the game is the lobby , did you like it?

The game is very good, some things can be changed like the color schemes of the obby. A nice world background could work to not make the game look so bland. Overall outstanding for a team of 2.

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Thank you so much! Means a lot.

Also , please do check out the lobby before the obby , we spent days on it. Thanks