Feedback on my first GFX in a while

Hello, my name is Tal. I am a Graphic Artist + Mini Scripter. Though, I mainly create Graphic Art, as I am a lot more experienced in that category. I joined ROBLOX in March, 2016 and began creating Graphic Art during 2017. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘professional’ Graphic Artist, but I’d say I’m pretty experienced.

During 2017, I became dedicated to learning how to create GFX’s, thumbnails, icons and more. I was pretty into it for a while. Then, I abruptly took a long break for more than half a year. I came back in early 2020 to create another GFX. Two more, actually. To be honest, they were garbage. I then lost motivation and took another, long break. I’m back now, and have created another GFX in which I am actually proud of.

Please, leave your feedback on this GFX. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here is the GFX

NOTE; Please, do not sugar coat anything. I will not be hurt. It is just constructive criticism and I should not become offended.



It looks very well done but theres one thing the way your holding the gun is very weird


Thank you! Yes, I was struggling a lot with that. I plan to fix that for my many GFX’s to come.

Nice job!

I’d rate the GFX on a scale of 1-10 a 8.

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Oh wow! Thank you! I appreciate that.

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I like the GUI, looks neatly done and clean, interesting design with the outlines of the characters they makes it more colourful and interesting, good work.

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Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

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Your welcome, keep up with the good work.

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Very nice! Although I do not like the gltich effect lol, but its nice apart from that!

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Thank you! Thanks for the tip!

First of all, it’s good for the start, the effects and use of lighting is quite done well i just feel like you could try removing the retro 3D effect surrounding the characters arms. The way the player is holding the weapon looks like it isn’t, properly handled correctly It also doesn’t seem like a way somebody would usually handle a gun.

I’ll try moving the gun up making the character hold the handle and not the back of the gun part. I find the smoke effect looks quite here and there perhaps include another character to have a more different approach, you could even experiment with different selections with the overall lighting - composition and posing structure.

Overall. The scene looks fine to me it captures that sort of approach but the area looks dull and bland include objects around the dark space is there a reason why you added that type of 3D effect?

It would possibly look better with a scene in the background rather than a black screen and some smoke.

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