Feedback on my first GFX of the Month

Any feedback on this GFX I made?
Valentines GFX copy
It was the first GFX I made this month. :laughing:
I tried to make it as unique as possible


I think you could use a lightbox and improve the lighting.

I like it but I think it could use some more light facing the front of the face.

Also sometimes people have a color tint that makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Something you may want to consider.

Another thing I’d do is try to give it some texture. Looks quite smooth right now so I would do something to rectify that personally, although that isn’t very necessary.

Keep it up!

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looks to basic, add cool effects, and make something special about it

To be honest, the lighting doesn’t fit in at all. Is this really your artwork because it doesn’t have your username or avatar (avatar irrelevant, just pointing it out). Because it’s against the ToS to steal someone’s work and pass it off as your own.

I always put my account that I use for my YouTube channel on the GFX because I usually end up using the GFX’s in a video. And it’s not my avatar because I usually use custom avatars in my GFX’s