Feedback on my first GFX

I just made my first GFX and I was wondering before I make another one, what should I improve on?


The background. Like it kinda doesn’t match the picture and it looks kinda weird

It looks like the character seems to just be floating in the air, try adding shadows and tweaking the lighting.

Apart from those downsides, it looks pretty good!

Ok, I will change that next time!

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Thank you so much! Yeah, I saw that some were floating because I didn’t know where to put them

Hey there! Your first GFX looks really good. I recommend you to work on background. Try to make half-body GFXes for the first time. Also you can try to improve lighting a bit, but the lighting look good and lit. Goodluck!

Ok, can you send me a half-bod GFX to analyze?

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All around pretty good for your first one. Try changing the background on your next attempt to make it fit in more.

Try making the pose a bit more real, what i mean with that make it like you would pose normally and try also adding shading and a background that fits where ur standing.

But the rest is good for your first time, Keep it up!

I will do that! Thank you so much!

Yeah, I will work on that, but thank you for the feedback!

How do you add shading??? Just a question of mine!

What editing software do you use?

Um I just use blender… if you do now a editing software, that will be great!

I use photoshop, you can get photoshop free on youtube just search it up.

Ok, thank you so much, I will make sure to sue that!

It’s really great, the problem is the background doesn’t really match as told again, try making an outfit that is realistic and improve the lighting of it!

Ok, I will also make sure to add that!

For example something like this: