Feedback on my first Gfx

I made a GFX of my character using moon animator, blender, photoshop. This is my 1st/2nd time making a GFX please give me feedback thnx.
Also, there is a small difference between these photos 2nd one has a shadow.

Which GFX is better?

  • 1st GFX
  • 2nd GFX

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2nd is better because of the shadow :slight_smile:

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Excellent work for your first GFX!

My Feedback:
Maybe work with the shading a little bit more. It seems a bit dark in areas and bright in others, which makes it a quite uneven render. Also, don’t be afraid to play around with different colours, the orange theme is great but too much of it can be overwhelming.

Great job. :smile:


These don’t look right…

I don’t recommend using Moon Animator or posing in any way on studio.

My friend PicklePie has a wonderful tutorial on how to use a rig which helps pose your character smoother.

I do like the background choice with the orange, but I think you should add some particle overlays. PM me on DevFourm for a free tutorial on how to do those on photoshop. :)
Nice job.

I do like both, I prefer the second one as agreed with all the people it has a nice shadow and fits it more on the GFX shadow side. :slight_smile:


The name you could put the letters up and the number down so there’s more space I will give it 11/10