Feedback on my First GFX

Hello! I recently started learning how to do GFX on Blender so that I could make a gift for my friend’s birthday. This is also my first GFX and I would love for your feedback and criticism!


Hello Celestryl,
As a first Graphic design ever this looks very stunning! from the lightning to the quality of the render itself.
However, my only critique would be to change the background, How it is right now is okay since you have added
a stroke back effect to the character itself making it look like a sticker but just as a point of improvement you could try out
various types of backgrounds.
That piece of graphics is amazing and I think your friend would really like it.
Keep up the good work Celestryl! :blush:

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This is great considering its your first one! You should be really proud, your friend will love it if you continue to improve :slight_smile:

However I feel like you could work a bit on the lighting and shadows, some areas are extremely bright, and some shadows are a bit glitchy, if you really wanted to you could easily fix the shadows in any program afterwards.

Also Im not sure about the white outline around the render, I think it would be better if you somehow made the background fit with the render, in anyway you wanted, it would look nicer in my opinion :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work but maybe work on the lighting just a bit, maybe try using a lightroom and HDRI, if you use blender I would use Eevee if you are not already, it just looks so much better. Your friend will love the gift, very thoughtful of you. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’ll definitely consider experimenting with more backgrounds. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I’ll continue practicing and take these into consideration! :smiley: