Feedback on my First GFX

Hey guys! I recently just finished my first GFX (after many failed attempts) and would love to hear your feedback on it!!!


Some things I’m concerned about:
Ღ I had to add a modifier on each limb so it wouldn’t be (as) pointy when I bent them, is that supposed to be the case or is there a different way to do it? (even so, you can still kind of see points and stuff where the limbs bend)
Ღ I get lost really frequently and sometimes have to start over (I press a wrong button and suddenly I’m in a whole new place)
ᲦThe blue and green rotate lines aren’t working? They just move the arms up and down (they’re only not working for the arms so that’s confusing)

Other than that, I’d love to hear your feedback and maybe some help on the things above!


You said after many failed attempts and attempts means that youve tried it before; so with that logic; this isnt your first GFX but rather the first one youve actually made that you liked



Very well detailed, I like it.

Well done, Don’t give up!


Really well made nothing to complain it’s just the pillow that bother me but still it looks really good

And yes you over bent the rig legs so the modifier makes it a lot more better

One thing I want to point out for gods sake please watermark your work people are finding ways to get free credit.


Thanks! I re-uploaded it watermarked.

After many failed attempts meaning I either got lost 2 minutes through, I somehow deleted it on accident a few minutes through, lost the rig, couldn’t find the texture, etc, etc. I’m a very clumsy person haha.

I’ve never actually gotten to the point where I posed the character, etc. But tysm for the kind words, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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This is pretty nice! Other than postprocessing I cant find anything wrong about it.

Hello! If this is your first piece of artwork it looks great! but I have seen lots of artwork similar to this, if you want to be a really good artist you got to pop out from the rest. The first thing I noticed was that some of the scene does not have material to it, the other thing I noticed is that you did space out your objects good but I could see that your pillow is slightly phasing through the bench, remember with some artworks one thing could bring the rest of the scene down with it. I see protentional in you of being a good artist, good luck in your journey!

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Looks great! You already got decent pose, lighting, and prop placement and one thing that i dont really like is the very overused style, Like all the other “Aesthetic” Gfx creator.

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I love the background it goes well with the avatar, great job!

You did very well on your first try! No comments. Keep up the good work!


Looking great for a first GFX (way better than the one I did :rofl: :sweat_smile:)
I’d recommend focusing a bit more on the lighting next time and maybe adding some particles etc. To the scene. You could use PS (if owned) or other software to do so, it’s also possible to do in Blender but colour correction etc. Is easier in editing software. Keep going!

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Really nice GFX! Especially for your first one. Very detailed. Good job and don’t give up!

I really like the aesthetic of this, nice work!