Feedback on my First Katana

Hey there! I’m currently new to Blender and have been learning for a couple of weeks now. I just finish a Katana and would like some feedback on it.

Trying learn and build up my portfolio to apply for the Roblox UGC program.

What can I improve on?
Any color suggestion since I’m bad at color. Thank you!

Rig Front

Rig Back

Katana Front


You’re new to blender?? Is that a joke? Because this looks amazing, including the colours, great job.

Thank you for the feedback and yes I’m really new and have been learning for a couple of weeks.

you’re already decent enough on your 3d skills, the next natural step I think would be texturing and then sculpting

being new to something doens’t mean you will be bad at your first time, those who have a creative brain and has some 3d senses into modelling can make some amazing work

i am no master at 3d rendering, although…

you could make the colours a little bit darker (my opinion)

you could try to improve/learn texturing too, it could make the katana even more better, just like sculpting would help you with it.

as for a “first try”, its a very good render, great job!

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Spmething that can be improved on the model is making the purple cylanders on the handle more uniform and equally spaced out. You can do this by using the array modifier on one cylander and then playing with the settings to get the spacing and amount whatever you want. Otherwise it looks pretty good.

Thank you for the feedback. Will do!

Thank you! I’ll try it and play around with it.

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hey! I would like to tell you that you did an amazing work, keep it up! also I suggest you to learn more about uv & texturing

Thank you! I will be trying to use UV & texturing for my next sword project.

You got a match for: Genshin impact!

Hey, it could use some texturing too. AND THIS IS IS NOT YOUR FIRST IT’S A MASTERPIECE