Feedback on my first logo

Recently, I decided to try and create a logo and I need some feedback on it.
This is my first logo that I’ve made, tips are appreciated.

Quick notice:
The speaker and disco ball were just copyright free images I found on google that I slightly edited, the scribbles are just for watermark purposes.


If this is your first logo, I’m impressed! I like the arc display on the word “Spades”, the 3D Addition, the use of color, and the bling effect on top of the disco ball. I don’t have any suggestions to improve the logo design, except make a copy with the white color in the middle behind the words. Overall, the logo looks so cool, keep up the good work!

Alright, thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

Hello there!

Great logo, especially for your first time making one. The distancing effect done with the solidified drop shadow is a nice touch and compliments the speakers well. The gold to yellow on the ‘SPADES’ text is very well done and looks quite good. I find that with many logos people have a hard time making a yellowish-green color selection with Gold look good. You’ve done an admirable job with that, good on you.

Currently the only things that I can recommend are to have more of the disco ball be shown so it’s clear what it is as well as making the inner portions of the speakers black. The exterior frame of the speakers can remain gold.

Overall fantastic job, I can tell you’re going places!