Feedback on my first logo

So I attempted a bit of GFX, and after playing around with a few effects and edits I managed to create this logo;

I used PDN to create this, even the blocks in the background I created myself using 3D blocks and cylinders and just recolouring for the 3D effect. This is my first proper attempt of making something from scratch (last time I used PDN has to be years back), so any improvements would be appreciated!


I would recomend adding gradients and putting the text closer.
I made a similer logo for my game.
overall 6/10
this is the logo I made a while back:

Yeah I was meant to bring the font together, but I forgot and now I have saved it merged together unfortunately. The letters do have gradient, but when I added the “light/dark” curve it doesn’t reveal it as much.

because of the hard shapes of the blocks and text, soft outlines and gradients make the logo look tacky. you could either:

  1. remove the gradient background and replace it with a solid one. then change the outline to a solid white one and remove the glow.
  2. add gradient to the “shadows” of the bricks as well as the text and keep the background (and maybe you could keep the outline too if it looks good)

good job for using pdn btw!! i thought u used photoshop for a sec because the effects look similar to the ones u get in the blending options on ps

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Yeah I had a bit of a mare with the background; I need to figure out how to do the light rays but I can’t find the PDN plugin for it. :frowning:

And yes, I prefer PDN it’s a lot easier for me than PS, and it’s free phaha!

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