Feedback on my first model

This is my first Roblox creation please give me feedback!

This is my first creation, I don’t expect it to be that impressive


This is really good for your first

Thank you, is there anyway I can improve it?

I’m not a good builder and idk how to really improve but the bamboo was the first that caught my eye it’s really good

Ok, thank you for your feedback!

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For your First Creation that really good,but you should make the bushes from square blocks try it and see if it fits .

Thank you, I like that idea I will do that in the near future!

I made some updates what do you think?


The two bushes in the front look a bit off from the style of bambo, maybe try adding more bamboo instead

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I like it, for your first that is quite amazing but I do think that roblox has made it easier for in coming developers. But I do like it!

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