Feedback on my first OK GFX

Howdy I am looking for feedback on my first GFX that’s not just a character in front of a background. Please don’t be too harsh on me :grimacing:, I cant take it as I am not entirely familiar with the best way to do it.



Looks awesome! Good job.

  1. Definitely play around with the lighting
  2. The lines don’t match well with the background you used.
  3. The crown isn’t realistically being held so I think you should move it a bit up.
  4. The character is in a weird position so I’ll definitely try and changing his pose, especially from the angle that this photo is taken.

Keep up the great work, keep me updated!

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Thank you @SMUSH21 for the feedback! I was following a tutorial on how to do it so that was my first try on those effects. Since I know much better on how to use them and etc. I think I will just completely redo the GFX and I’ll make sure to take those points you said and use them while redoing it. When I finish the next one I’d like to see what you have to say for the next one!

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