Feedback on my first render!

before you come at me, yes. i know it’s just a simple donut but we all start somewhere and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time following a tutorial in blender. let me know what I can improve/change.

I removed the noise and messed around with a few things


It’s good so far and I hope you finish the series!
(I didn’t lol)


Thank you ! and I might not because trying to do the sprinkles literally turned my laptop into a blender-


Wow The donut and Render Look rlly Nice Good Job for ur First Render!

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These look really nice! :slight_smile:

I really enjoy the brightened colors and light of the updated image, but I also enjoy the slight noise in the first! Have you considered merging those two factors together?

Regardless it looks really nice, especially for your first render! <3

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You should try to add some sprinkles! Overall it looks amazing haha.

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thank you so much for the feedback, I’ll try to incorporate those into a final picture together to see the final result!