Feedback on my first sword

Hi, I made my first sword in blender…I am looking for feedback on it…

Please feel free to give your feedback :slight_smile:


Nice but make your sword a bit thin

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If I was you, I could ask for feedback once I spent a bit more time on learning and watching tutorials.
This is just too basic.


Its good tho. But its pretty short. Are you gonna make it as a UGC item?

No, I will make this better and insert in my sword simulator that I am making…

It looks pretty good for a first sword, but I think you could make the guard a little less blocky and thick.

Everything is fine, but the part above the handle is way too big. Try scaling it down.

This is actually your first sword? Wow! What you could do is make it thinner though.

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Why are you using such an outdated version of blender? It’s too basic and the hilt is way too thick, but for a first sword it’s ok.