Feedback on my first time doing a Obby

This is my first time building a Obby, because I’m used to Military stuff, I need your feedback on my work what I have done so far, It’s not done yet, I made 7 stages now so far, Im planning on doing 50 at least.
Scripts, Spawns are working.


Hello! I love what you’ve made so far, but I do however have a few suggestions to help you now, and possibly in the future.

  1. Repetitiveness - This is a common issue, basically you want to avoid jumps that are repeated more then 4 times. (You can do more, 4 is just a good basic amount to follow by.) This is because obbys that repeat themselves tend to get boring, and mostly feel uncreative. You must remember, “quality over quantity”.
  2. Creativeness - Now please understand that this is something any beginner is likely going to lack in terms of gameplay. When you make an obby, I best advise being creative, and thinking of ways you can use Roblox parts to create interesting and somewhat unique gameplay. Your obby looks nice, it just seems to not do much in terms of gameplay.
  3. r6/r15 - Now I do not know which avatar type this game is meant to be played by, so I will give a few suggestions for both. Due to the avatar types being very different in terms of how you can makes the jumps playable;

Now r15 is somewhat of a hassle to create creative obbys. (These limits are possible to overcome with scripting, but it likely does get complicated.) Not saying it can’t be used, but it has more limits then r6. (PLEASE NOTE that the animation a player has does make a difference. r15 avatars have more detail, but that’s where it gets hard. You see when you make a jump, you could easily make it harder for one person other then the other due to animations & sizing.

  1. Spread out the jumps. Make the length of the jump random, and possibly change directions.
  2. Don’t do more then 5 “lava/line jumps” & checkered jumps. I already implied you change this when I mentioned repetitiveness, but this jump as well as checkered jumps, are one if not the most overused obby gameplay. And it’s one the most people complain about especially in r15 with animations that cause your legs to move in different ways when you jump. (Depends on the animation.)
  3. Use default animation, or create your own that applies to everyone that plays your game. - This is for the sake of making sure everyone has the same experience when playing your game. And remove the hassle that different animations can cause.
  4. Set the default avatar size. - This is a must. Your obby could easily be impossible for someone if they have there body scale’s set all the way up compared to someone who has theirs all the way down.
    Now that is all the suggestions I have for r15. Here’s the settings to make the sizing default;

r6 has a lot more options of gameplay by default due to how Roblox’s physics work. Now it does have it cons, like you can’t have more expressive character animations for cute scenes, etc. But you however get a clean, basic avatar that will be the same for everyone. 5 studs tall & 3 studs wide.

  1. More gameplay types & styles. - For example you could add some wrap arounds.

Not much else I can think of off the top of my head, so for now this is my suggestion for you for r6 based gameplay.

I hope my suggestion helps! I likely didn’t cover everything, just the basic stuff that I wanted you to know! Also, apologies for any unnoticed grammar mistakes.


So far, it looks like your average Roblox obby. Consider playing around a bit, and make fun stages. Think out of the box else the obby will become boring and repetitive.


Thank you so much for your suggestion!