Feedback on my first time using hdris!

First time posting on the dev forum lol so idk if im doing this right


All i have to say is you did a great job for your first time! But i’d like to ask you what are they standing on?? For me it looks like water.?

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Yes its water, Looks bad cause I didnt realize it looks strange and didnt feel like rendering it again lol

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While it’s basic ( I’m assuming your just testing HDRI lighting) the shadows kind of look weird in the graphic design you have bright colors on the right side but then if you look to the left it kind of has a dull appearance?

The effects look alright but in order for the effects to cast that bright lighting they’ll need to be in some sort of cafe or trees so not much lighting will hit the surface. I think that may be a reason why shadows aren’t casting on the ground from the characters. The posing is good if you want to take it a step further include different objects in the background perhaps a cave or tournament something along those lines.

Other than that nice use of lighting perhaps add more lighting hitting the surface?. :slight_smile: