Feedback on my first UI system? (WIP)

Hey, I’m aczva, I got access to the forum 4 minutes ago and I’d like some suggestions and criticism on my user interface for a project.

The UI loads in gamepasses, panels, almost everything from at maximum a 50 lined table inside a localscript.

I also have a trashcan system which has cooldowns, UI, max trash count, and cleans itself at half capacity which I would like feedback on. :smile:

Test the game here: UI - Roblox




Thanks for reading! :smiley:


This actually looks very clean and surprisingly well done for your first UI.

The only thing I can critique on is all the empty space on the radio/song GUI. I would recommend making it smaller or remove unused space to reduce how much space it takes up.

The design behind this is that the whole screen in height is covered here, it would be odd to just resize it depending on the section open. Thanks for your feedback!

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