Feedback on my first UI?

Hey everyone! I’m attempting to learn UI design. This was my first attempt at creating one. Can you guys provide me with feedback on what’s good and what isn’t good to help me improve it (and myself in general?)

What I had planned was a feature where you can change the page (bottom right) and go to different pages to see different types of items. (like coils, weapons)


Overall, its very good for your first UI. I‘m not a fan of the font you chose, but thats a personal thing I guess. You should probably make the word „coil“ and „shop“ the same size or make an something like this Shop > Coils. The arrows on the right bottom are slightly stretched. Other than that, you did a good job.

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I do agree that the font is a bit weird, and I think I know what you mean when you say “Shop > Coils”. Also the arrows can be fixed. I really appreciate your feedback!

UI looks neat overall, for your first work it is very good. Also I think you should change shop and coils size to the same because it won’t loook very good or make it like section.


There is minimal detail in my opinion ( don’t know what program your utilizing ) . The more detail doesn’t mean the better it looks, you just need a good taste in what would look clean. It’s mainly strategic thinking for UI. Like a card game, or a sport, you need a feel for it.

The UI is good for your first, but it’s not good. If you keep doing UI, you will be really good.

( This isn’t meant to be harsh, but this was mainly to prepare you since the UI / UX community is picky and harsh on “constructive criticism” and “feedback”. )

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Couldn’t agree more on the minimal detail part. Also don’t worry, I understand your criticism! I accept all of it, as it only helps me improve.

You did a pretty good job for your first UI