Feedback on my first UI

Any feedback is appreciated! It’s my first UI, I’m just starting to get into UI.


Absolutely amazing UI, and unbelievably your first one. Well done. This is something I would pay top money for.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the nice comments

It looks amazing, my only criticism is that the text is kind of hard to read but other than that. It’s amazing!

All of the text or a certain part?

The white text on the yellow buttons are fine but the “GAME NAME” text is very hard to read.

Oh, thank you! I didn’t notice that.

No problem, by the way you can fix it by adding an outline or changing the color of the text.

Okay, thank you I will do that.

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I agree, it’s kinda hard to read. It would be much better if the text standed out a bit more making it easier to read.

Is this better?

Kinda better. But not really. Maybe you could but the game name at the top but make the text a different font along with making it bold.

How about this, I changed the font.

Kinda better, but again, I would suggest making the text a little more bold.

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