Feedback on my First UI


Greetings! :smile:

I have to say, for your very first UI. You did a marvelous job!
In my opinion, there wouldn’t be any need to change anything, other than the corners of the button below the shop UI.

Try making It transparent.

Another suggestion is to align which are what I believe are buttons, with the list of all the game passes, here’s a small example:

Overall for your first UI, as mentioned before you did a marvelous job!


It’s a gorgeous UI and a fantastic work for a first-timer.

I would recommend using another background color for the Exit button, and maybe a different green tone as well for the “Shop” board.

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Very good for first timer, try changing the buttons color a bit and it will probably look even better

This looks really cool! Good job.

Oh hi there! It’s so nice for your first UI I have nothing to say but the points/coins/cash doesn’t looks like the price make like a money logo or something beside it it will definitely looks great 9/10