Feedback on my First Wave Animation

Hi everyone! I was animating a few months ago with the Roblox animator editor, but I felt it was lacking, so I decided to try out Moon Animator. I made a quick wave animation and would like to get your guys opinion on it.

If you watch it very slowly, you can see the arm kinda floats up to the waving area. I am not sure if there is a way to have it not do that. Remember, my very first wave animation and first time using Moom Animator, so be nice :grin:



The jerk of the arm in the beginning seems like the only problem with it. Itโ€™s a good start with animation.


I like this animation, although it can be a little bit improved, for example, making the character swing more to the left (their side) so theyโ€™re able to balance themselves out and pull their arm up in the air, the arm should also swing into the character when first going up because it still has energy to get rid of and then start waving

Hope this helped, and I hope you good luck :smiley:

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I made an updated wave, here is the video.

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much more smoother and is realistic! I like it :smiley:

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