Feedback on my FPS Engine

I would love some feedback on my FPS engine:




THIS GAME IS AWSOME! Keep up the great work! One suggestion is to add auto reload. Because it’s annoying having to reload by pressing r when you run out of ammo.

Fun fact: My computer actually blue screened while writing this. And my progress on my game is gone! Go computer!
Edit: I was smart enough to save it before my computer blue screened. Go me!

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Thank you so much for responding! I’ll add an option to auto reload on empty. (rip your computer)

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Ok good.

Also my computer blue screened AGAIN! Theres something weird with this thread.

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Obviously top tier. It doesn’t feel super different from what I’m used to on the platform tho. Animations are smooth but there are some very finicky things that i think could make the guns not fun for example:

  1. Once I’m out i should automatically reload if i try to shoot again.
  2. While aiming down sights, it should cancel if i try to reload.
  3. Feels unresponsive at points, i hit R or try to aim and it just gives up and does nothing

But in all honestly 9/10

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This FPS framework has great potential but I cant stress enough about people animating a recoil animation without the gun’s rate of fire in mind.
Animating guns with high rpms should have a less choppy and fast recoil burst and animating guns with slow rpms should have more slow and detailed recoil animation. If you don’t keep the rpm in mind while animating you will find that when the gun is being fire its always going to look jittery but even when the animation is animated to look less jittery you’ll always have some jitteriness, so to cope with this many games use a animation lerp(Linear interpolation) effect so when you fire your second/third/forth bullet the animation will lerp its starting time to when the animated gun recoil is at its highest point. On top of lerping the recoil animation many games also add simulated recoil onto their gun so that is more realistic when multiple bullet are being fired.


I believe that I have just fixed the recoil issue. If you can, please give me some feedback on the new recoil system that I have implemented! Thanks!

Looks and feels amazing! The animations feel smooth, responsive, and unique, it doesn’t feel slow and clunky like other fps demo’s I’ve played in the past. Definitely an A+ improvement.

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Thanks! I should of put who animated them. Here is the entire team who helped besides the scripting:

Me: Scripting / Music composition
Winbrr: Managment / Lead modeling
Drissy: Management / Lead animation
Little Illustrations: Animator
Milspecy: Animator
Jarold741: Management / Lead Map Designer
Superior21V2: Map Design
Spirit: Intern Modeler / Lead UI Designer

Hey! Lead animator here, Thanks for liking my stuff dude! Means a-lot to me. :slight_smile:

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