Feedback on my Game Ads

Please can I have some Feedback on my Ads for my Game Drop Down a Tube to Winners
I decided to create an Ad to try and make my game more popular

if you give positive feedback can you please say what you liked about my Ads
if you give Negative can you please tell me how I could improve

quick Note it Is hard for me to create an Ad in the Ad space

The second one is the same But with a Black background

AD 1

AD 2

Which Do you Prefer?

  • Ad 1
  • Ad 2

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The winning ad I will put on roblox

Thanks For Reading my Post :slight_smile:


Alright, As you are asking for feedback, I will critic your piece here. As this will help you alot. As of my experience many successful Roblox ads have Characters in them / Renders. And Very pleasant text. I don’t like the Green background behind the “Play Today” text. And I think you should relax on the stroke. You should have just probably a Max of 3 words on your ad as players can read it quickly… such as “Use code 2018” And have a very eye catching bright background such as a sky with a sun for example. Otherwise. I like the retro theme. But some text looks dull for example the Premium members text which should be eye catching to attract premium users. You should also consider having a spell check as having spelling errors such as “Winers” will just make a plaything out of the ad. I hope this gives you a good idea on how you should work on this ad. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so Much For the feedback, I agree with everything you said I honestly can’t believe I made a spelling mistake I didn’t evan notice it, I Will defiantly Use your Feedback For my Next Ad. :slight_smile:

Hello there!

I’ve seen your post and stopped by. Here’s what I think about both ads.

1. Colours not matching and bad design

First, the colours that you’ve used in these ads do not match. Black, blue and pink with green? Please don’t use that, because it’ll make your ads look horrible (I’m sorry to say this) because you use too many colours. You’re strongly advised to use less colour and simple design…

Like this:

And not this:

As you can see, the better design is simpler and use less text into it.

2. Low-quality images

If you see,

The “NEW UPDATE” image is in low-quality and gets pixelated with the logo above.

So, I’m going to sleep now cuz it’s nearly 12 AM. I’ll end here.


The trophy’s on the ads are very pixelated. Overall the ad reminds me of an ad from 2011. On YouTube you can find some pretty good ad making tutorials.

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Dude This Place Looks Like It Was Added Later
And VERY Incompatible.Screenshot_1

What I wrote is valid here.Screenshot_2

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Basically, stick with a theme, and don’t add too many colors. Simple and eye-catching ads are the best.


I didn’t think this was a good add, it is not at all simple, with a lot of information that some players would be too lazy to read and not interested in it, although you could make it simpler and it only contains one main information.

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Honestly, it has sort of a “style” to it, which I kind of like, but anyways…

Firstly, none of the fonts match (which is okay to a degree I guess).
Second, none of the font colors match (which is also okay to a degree).
Third, none of the font sizes match (which, also, is okay to a degree).

But not only that, the words are randomly placed throughout the ad.
This seems much more like a clickbait-y ad in my opinion rather than an actual ad-

Anyways, the ad with the background is nice because it shows more effort than not having one.

But my biggest peeve so far…

Is that you misspelled winners. You said “winers.”

Anyways best of luck to you. (ዕ дዕ)b

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I just want to say Thank you to all of you for your feedback I have red all of it and it will definitely help me in the future :grinning:

I think your ads look petty good, but I do have some suggestions:

  • Make the text a little higher quality

  • Space out the text a little more, just so it doesn’t feel so crowded

  • Change the colors so they blend.

But other than that, I think it looks pretty good. :smile:

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My only critiques about this is that you need to stick with a theme. To me, an ad is short and quick to the point that grabs your attention through few words and the picture itself. Here, you have many texts, all with different fonts, and colors. It just kinda looks ugly as it doesn’t really blend well. It doesn’t have to be one ad as well. You can create multiple ads that contain one text piece from this one and so on. Overall, I get the idea your going for but adding that many colors and fonts just doesn’t blend well and is kinda too much to take it. Make it short, pleasing to the eye, and create a theme.