Feedback on my game. and its design

Hello! I have made a video showing a early tech demo of my game “Land Beyond”
I was going to show the video on the devforums to get some feedback, and maybe some suggestions.


I like that your game has a consistent style!
Absolutely love the look of those fire effects on the characters, and the look of the dragon is very cool.
Colour palette is perfect.


  1. I think you must [move the light/turn off shadows on some lights] for example on the torch tool or the humanoids I believe the light is inside a block, creating a somewhat buggy shadow around the torch.
  2. Some of the textures like the grass, sand and forcefield seats just don’t fit into the overall simplistic appearance of the game - and some boat textures are inconsistent, like short horizontal facing planks on the railings.
  3. Make the GUI ‘pop’ a little more. Change the font and try some gradients or brighter colours.


  • Make a custom ProximityPrompt GUI to match the other GUIs,
  • Use self-built ladders rather than trusses (too prominent),
  • Add pictures for the tools (i assume you will do this already),
  • The ship mast is uncentered and has no sail.
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Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely make some changes, but about the materials I probably won’t be changing, mainly because I have always wanted to use these new materials from roblox. And changing the ui will be hard to make, and I wanted to do a simple looking gui style. Like the one shown in the video. BUT I WILL change the proximity prompt gui. And again, thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

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looks good, reminds me of some survival games made in the early days of roblox.

i think the ui could be smaller though, or at least closer to the edges. it’s not in the way, but the space it takes up can be used to display more information
with the torch, and other lights, whatever part holds the light should have their CastShadow property disabled otherwise it might be hard to see anything directly next to/beneath the light
with parts of trees/rocks falling as unanchored parts i’m wondering how you’ll handle parts rolling/flinging away or players putting pressure on physics.

i hope you’re planning to add content in the sea too, the travel in the ship was uneventful. it doesn’t have to be stuff directly in the sea (sharks, whales, ships, etc), players just need something to do (look at maps, use telescopes, fishing)

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