Feedback on my game (Be an Orange)

So I’ve been creating a little side game and I would like to know the community’s feedback. The style is meant to be quite simplistic and is based of the game, Eg!.

Eg!: 🥚 Eg! - Roblox

I’m looking for ideas and just feedback in general, anything to improve the game!
If the feedback is about the style, just know that I didn’t intend to add too much detail.


Of course, I’ll eventually add more sections such as behind the houses and so forth.
This was my first time rigging and animating my own little orange guy, here’s a little video of him.

robloxapp-20220125-2210482.wmv (2.9 MB)

Thanks for reading!


The fountain really throws off your aesthetic. Also, I think you need to switch up the color palette of you map, to make it more cheerful. Also maybe add different ground levels and props so it looks less linear

Alright! Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll take this all in consideration.

I feel like the road around the fountain should be a square sense everything else is a square. Also is the game out to play?

I like the map a lot, definitely reminds me of eg. The water effect on the fountain does seem a bit realistic compared to the rest of the map, but I think it kinda works to catch your eye so you can focus on the center piece which is the fountain.

Not yet, I’m planning on releasing it eventually! Thank you for the feedback.