Feedback on my game Bean House Cafe

I just created a game and I wanted some feedback on how I could improve it. Here is the link to my game:

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The building in this game is great, expanding the game a little with some more places and activities could take it to the next level.


Thank you for the feedback! It helps me out a lot.

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I really like the game, the design is pretty good. But i saw something wrong about the texts; it was reversed.

As seen on the pictures.

And final suggestion, make other text more noticeable; like changing the colour for the players to see the menus and other message.

Overall, it’s a really good game. Thanks.

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Thank you for the feedback! It means a lot.

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Looks good. One thing I think you should add is that the tables against the walls should have charging ports(one of the cafes where I live have that). By the way, the game made me the owner. Is that intentional?

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Thank you for the feedback! The cafes around me have charging ports as well, so I could definitely add that. But, when I was creating the leaderboard teams I felt like it didn’t look right, so when I deleted the teams and the scripts that go with them, they wouldn’t go away. I apologize, I do not know how to fix this because I am still very new to scripting.

I like it.

  • There is some Z fighting on the wood floor. I’d use Stravant ResizeAlign to fix that.
  • The employee doors look odd to me with the invisible wall, maybe add a real wall or separator brick that goes to the ceiling?

looks good but the title of the game doesn’t fit try something like Lola’s cafe or the daily drip (you can use the names I just said if you like)

I don’t know if it’s the picture or what but Bean House is backwards.

Clean build but maybe add more scenery/activities (as mentioned above).

Thank you for the feedback. I am planning on updating it later this week.

I love the title Daily Drip. Thank you so much for the help.

Thank you for the feedback. It helps a lot.