Feedback on my Game "Food Fight"

I want some feedback on my game. Some advice to. Tell me if you find any bugs. I’m still working on some updates that will be out soon.


also forgot to say, requires 2 players. sorry

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It certainly looks fun, and the concept sounds fun, but not enough players in the server to try out a round!

Based on the lobby:

Generally the colours feel a bit over saturated, but I also feel this is part of the design and generally works well.

Love the music, nice and energetic which fits the visual style very well.

The lobby roof is a way too bright

The spawn being raised also feels a little pointless, personally not sure that it adds anything and would be just as good flat.

A small bug seems to be the pizza’s seem to throw upside down:

I’d love to see how game play works if you’re around, i’ll stay on the game for a bit just in case.


Have you considered using a little blur? 2-3 is fine.

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I think that the game is really cool! But, it’s also got some flaws.

I don’t understand if you’re really supposed to get players or the AI. I think it’s the players and if so the AI just makes it a little more annoying.
You can kill/hurt people in lobby and, let’s say you’re at 10 health, it stays at 10 health when you join the match. The pizza seems to get thrown upside down too?
The lobby I like but it seems a little too bright. I got to play a few rounds and it was generally really fun!


I plan on removing the NPCs.
I’m trying to make a safe zone in the lobby.
Thanks for telling me about the pizza.


That sound like a great idea! I just need to get some robux for the audio.

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Ok, after playing (very fun btw), I would say:

  • It’s a bit unclear why the AI exist and if the aim is to defeat the other players or the AIs
  • The damage of the baguettes seems very low in comparison of the pizzas

Thanks for telling me about the damage. I will change that.

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