Feedback on my Game "Gem Hunting"?

I recently made a game public that I have been working on for a few months. The base idea of the game is to find gems in different minimaps.

Also, my game has an average playtime of about 5 minutes and the game dies after advertisements. Can anybody give me ideas/reasons why the game is failing or how to keep the player count going?

I played with another person for a decent amount of time to really see everything, here’s some thoughts.

gems → coins shouldn’t be a manual exchange by the player, it looks odd that a round can start, and someone already has the highest gem number since they didn’t exchange theirs. It should automatically award coins after a round since gems no longer serve a purpose but to be an intermediary currency.

The maps are quite small, six players at once might be cramped. I would lower the walking speed so that it doesn’t take only ~3 seconds to cross the map.

With how small the maps are, it would be nice to have walls the camera can pass through and see through semi-transparently, it’s quite a small box for the camera to be trapped in. Or force first-person only.

The audio could use some work, a single looping song isn’t as immersive as round-based music. A collectathon game like this is crying out for a satisfying sound whenever you click a gem, some sparkly effects as you collect it too.

The biggest flaw though… the gems are always in the same spots. It’s not much of a hunt, it’s a race to hit the same spots before someone else does. I’d imagine in a full load of players this would become unfair for a new player as a regular would have the collection process down.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback.

For now I will lower the amount of players in a server, add more music, and some effects. I’ll also think of some new spots to put gems.

Hey, I also played your game for quite some time. After 5 minutes, it felt boring, it felt like I was repeating the same thing over and over again, it didn’t feel competitive.

I recommend making maps bigger, adding more visual details to it, and adding more features, so far so good though.

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Similar to in the post above, I am working on adding effects, more sounds, and possibly something to make it more competitive

The primary reason I think playtime is low in your game is that a player who joins has to wait minutes for a round to start with nothing to do. Considering the game isn’t intensely competitive, I think it would be acceptable to allow players to join mid-round if they so choose. If that isn’t an option, some things you could do to add interest to the lobby would be a little minigame like an obby or some loose objects to push around.

To make the actual rounds more exciting, consider adding some hazards to the maps that players have to avoid. Dying could cause you to lose all or part of the gems you gained in that round.

Adding onto this, try experimenting with ways to randomly generate gem positions. This type of thing may also need to come with a slight map expansion.

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Just randomly generate them- That way, it will be unique everytime.

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