Feedback on my game icon!

I’m currently working on a game called “Food Fight”, so I made the logo :slight_smile:

i would appreciate any feedback :smile:


Wow That looks relly nice. I would click on the game.

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I would like to see some actual food fighting going on in this image. When it comes to your game thumbnail, you need to explain your game clearly and concisely. The core element of your game (food fighting) isn’t seen anywhere except in the game title, and is only somewhat suggested by what the characters are wearing. I guess what I’m saying is: put some action in there!

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Looks good and well put together I just feel like the “food fight theme” isn’t implemented inside the scene from my knowledge. It’s a nice icon perhaps include them throwing food at each other that’s really the whole purpose of the name and theme your trying to achieve.

Since it’s something different from other games try making it look interesting to players perhaps have players throwing food try not making them look straight into the camera or different areas. This icon is good for a starter, it’s a bit here but it can look different from existing games icons.

Look at this game icon/ logo, it features a different similar approaches something surrounding food fighting and something that’ll attract players. I would improve the lighting a bit more.



Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to implement more the food fight theme :smile:

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