Feedback On My Game - Infinite Dimensions

(5) Infinite Dimensions (Public Testing) - Roblox

Infinite Dimensions is a game where you play in a world where portals open to different dimensions, like a Dropper or Find The Button game.
It has been in development for almost 2 years and the majority of it done by me. (This is because I was learning as I made it and have changed large parts of it many times)

The game is expected to release in a month or two.

I am looking for feedback on absolutely anything, from moving a UI a pixel down or about changing the entire map. Please do not leave feedback in game as http requests are not working atm.

Currently, every dimension should function except the Tower Dimension.
The game is playable on all devices except console.


Pretty cool game, I would like to see some sort of a tutorial feature though, I was in the game for 10 minutes and didn’t know what to do


There should be a small tutorial but I understand, I will add a larger tutorial where it leads you through most of the menus and explains the game more in depth.