Feedback on my game like 'Bee Swarm Simulator'

I made a game like ‘Bee Swarm Simulator’, so far there aren’t many features ready.

But here is what is ready: AI of bees, field generation and regeneration, badges, working stores with eggs and things, Boosts, Paid things (like double honey, or double pollen).

Game Link: Kingdom of Bees!

What would you like me to add in future updates?


i feel that it is way too similar to the game you mentioned, aesthetically and functionally.


This is the best game of the year! :smiley:
Nice work, dude! I am delighted with this game :smile:
Nobody can recreate this unique gameplay, which I experienced in your game!


This game is literally like an exact replica of Bee Swarm Simulator though…

I can appreciate the UIs and icons in the game, but this goes back to my main question - How are you able to engage users, on a popular game idea that already exists?

I don’t get the main idea on the purpose of the game. Aren’t Players going to choose the official Bee Swarm Simulator game over this? As much as possible, you shouldn’t try and make replicas of existing game ideas all down to the tiny details. You should expand your creativity and think of ways to make this different from the already existing and popular game.


Many players are bored with the original game, in the original very rare updates and they are not so big, in my Simulator will be more updates, once a day certainly until release. After the release i want to add events (weekend, seasons, and more), adding new items, equipment, mechanics etc.

The original game will be existing, and it will existing until Onett deletes it. I just want people to see their favorite game (Bee Swarm Simulator) with additions, different features that are not in the original!

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Like others have said, it’s well made, but it’s just a mere copy. Even though players of BSS are bored in terms of updates, the game is still thriving due to its replayability and the fact that there’s always something to do, whether it be grinding for a new tool or fighting your daily bosses. The style of gui is very clean, but it’s also very common, so it feels quite generic.

Otherwise, it’s good. It would be nice to see an original idea with a unique style but similar gameplay.

If that’s the case, you should try your best to make it separate from the original BSS, regardless. You’re still able to do little things like replace the models of the bees, changes to the map etc.