Feedback On My Game (My version/creation)

Hey guys. I have recently started developing a game and I need some feedback. I mostly want to know if anyone would like to play it and what I could add to my idea.


** Please do not say you wont play my game then click that you might buy a gamepass, this has happend with the poll alot, if you dont want to play you dont want to buy a gamepass, I really need accurate results, Thanks **


** I did not make this original idea (no hate pls, jk i want feedback **

My Idea:

So, I took inspiration from a game called Fort Alberta. In this case I have a “Fort”/Military Base/Border Checkpoint game in development. You would be able to get a job in the military or be a civilian and explore. The game will be completely free during alpha and release but during beta ill have it paid accses to see how much people want to play. It will be in a WW2 style meaning WW2 guns and teams. It will also have some ww2 builds. So, to get to the point, would you play it?

  • If Its Good
  • If others play it
  • Defenitly Not
  • Sure, why not.
  • Ill think about it.

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Also, I want to see how many people would consider buying gamepasses in it.

  • If its cheap
  • If the game is popular
  • If they are worth it
  • I wont buy anything

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This info will help me build my game better and make it more appealing to users.
Thanks for reading :smile:

{P.S You can leave comments, you dont just need to do the poll. I want constructive feedback with evidence so please just dont accuse me of something without clear and understandable evidence.}


I have no idea what the game is about.

Hate to say this but it’s like other hundreds “border” games.
Honestly, I don’t want to play it because it’s going to be the same like every other games.
You have to think of something else, something original that everyone like.

Its odvious this isnt original, Its just my version of a common game concept. I plan to make it better and its okay if you dont like it but please and try to use grammar when commenting and leave better feedback, thanks anyway :smile:

I’ll try my best because I’m still leaning English.

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