Feedback on my game, Neon Rain!

I recently finished making a game called “Neon Rain”. It’s a game that lets you customize rain in whatever way you want with a Gui. Feedback is appreciated.

(Yes I know, it’s very hackable)


It looks good, the music coupeled with the visuals makes for a really relaxing game.
What I’d suggest is tweening your menu gui so it appears from the left side more smoothly. Some blocks also seem to spawn directly on top of the player, which can fling you, espicially when you put drop rate to high.

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Yeah ik but I have no idea how to tween a gui. Maybe I’ll watch some tutorials on how to do it.

if the blocks fling you you can set the cancollide value in the second frame to false.

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Hello developer sister!
Wow … I am impressed with your creation, it seems that you have carried out this project with a lot of effort and dedication.
I know it sounds cruel, but games like these (although they are beautiful and dynamic) are not the preference of the public and it is not that they gain much popularity or offer you benefits. However, if you did this as a hobby, to learn or to have fun, congratulations, you are very talented as a game programmer and designer.
Some things if I recommend you improve:
When I run “Block With Fire” and “Block With Particles” to “True”, things get slow and my computers (both PC and phone) run very slowly, I highly recommend improving your game performance.
You can improve the spawn platform and user interface in a more subtle and interactive way.
I really liked your creation. The music and the atmosphere make me feel like I’m at the bottom of the ocean.
Get on with the work, you are very talented developer sister, don’t give up.
PS: here are three screenshots that I took with my combination of colors, shapes and light that I liked the most.

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