Feedback on my game Nyctophilia

Hello everyone hope you are all having a good day

I am currently working on a new game called Nyctophilia (not finished). The point of the game is simple,you either have the choice to hanghout and “vibe” or you can explore the game and find its many secrets. I am not sure if this game will apeal to many people but none the less I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and tricks as to improve my game.

Any help is apreciated :pray:

Link to the game : Nyctophilia 🖤 - Roblox


I checked it out its good, pretty good animations, relaxing music and other stuff!

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Oh I just died i went through a tiny hole through the wall i thought it was a secret but I guess not.

Checked out the game, it looks really good and well made. You did a great job designing the terrain. I also love the music.

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Looks amazing! Relaxing, beautiful, everything positive!

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