Feedback on my game progress

Hello everyone, in my previous post in this category, I started work on a new game. The game involves traveling across the ocean to many unique islands. The screenshots provided below are progress shots.

Previous Image

Current Progress

I took feedback from the previous post and did some tweaking. I tried not overusing the studs surface (e.g. I made the surface for the trees smooth). Now the game is designed to have multiple islands.
So I have questions that if one could provide some feedback on, I’d greatly appreciate.

  1. Should I remove most of trees? It could lead to some performance issues and looks like there’s so much happening, too much.
  2. Should I increase the Island size? This is the beginning island, but any feedback is awesome with me. :slight_smile:
  3. Should I further define the dirt path? What I mean is make it longer and add more paths.
  4. Does the current progress still pertain to a classic-Roblox aesthetic?
  5. What should I add/remove?

I’m very open to any feedback, as I want to make this game successful, so members of development’s input is something I consider very important to have. Thank you everyone! :cowboy_hat_face:



I love the blockyness of the game. I like how it looks simply and it is easy on the eyes.
The trees look incredible. You should add more trees if you want it to be like a forest island, maybe add some huts to signify there was or is a civilization living on that island.
One thing I do not like is on the mountains you have one piece of grass over hanging the side. I feel like all of the sides of the mountains should have grass over hanging but thats my opinion. Over all looks good I will surely be following this game creation.

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That looks really good for nostalgic ROBLOX. In the first picture, in the water, there’s a line between where the two water bricks would be. If you want to get rid of that put the parts side by side and union them

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The style of this game really takes me back haha. I personally think the amount of trees is fine, I really like crowded forests, but in a game like Roblox where many parts could cause performance issues I’d say you could go with less.

If this is the beginning island in a game with multiple, I’d say the size is fine (but I’d still probably have to see the other islands to compare)

I don’t have anything else to comment on, really nice place and I’m looking forward to see where this goes

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I like the “Old roblox” style of the game. I really like it.
Too many parts can cause lag, so I would import you trees into blender to optimize it.