Feedback on my game + revenue

Hello! I’ve recently released my first game and would like some feedback on it! It released almost a month ago and it’s doing alright. I’ve spent 1525 on sponsored ads, and have made 1880 off of developer products and gamepasses (355 profit). The game occasionally has few people active, and currently has a small playerbase of people who actively grind and regularly play.

This is the game: low budget tower defense [ALPHA] - Roblox

I would love some honest feedback on what I can improve on and how good the current revenue/statistics are. Keep in mind that I am not an advanced scripter, but still trying to learn new things! :slight_smile:

(I am aware of a bug where towers move/fling, and I am currently trying to fix it!)

The game looks amazing for a low budget.
All that matters is dedication.
Stay dedicated and be active with frequent updates and a fan base will form someday.
Patience is also a key in this as nothing is always guarantied.

To be honest, if you really want a feedback, here comes one

Improve anims and UIS
Put some kinda of differente towers
Better maps

I know its only a low budget tower, is too good for now, but if you want it to keep developing and make a fanbase, you better watch those stepes above

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Thank you! I will definitely be making more updates in the future.

Should I try making the animations smoother? And for the UI, I think tweening would be good to make the game feel for alive.

I was thinking of making some sort of money generating tower and possibly a support tower. Thank you for the suggestion!

Yeah, that is kind of understandable. I’m not the best when it comes to building, but I’ll definitely try to improve the maps in the future! Thanks for the feedback!

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If you want to see something to inspire you, i have a tower defender wich is Based In minecraft themed, if you want to check here is the link:

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Got it. Thanks again for the feedback!

Answer the questionnaire because in a year or so your game will become automatically 13+

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Got it. I’ve done the questionaire. Thank you for the notice. :slight_smile:

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