Feedback on my game Slappy Slap

Hi! I am asking for feedback on my game slappy slap. Any feedback is welcome and if you need to be brutal about it then sure why not. Thanks!


The game is pretty simple and fun to play :grinning:. The only thing that I would change would be the sound effect when you slap another player. It is kind of high pitched and you hear it a lot.

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Very good game just needs more updates, can’t wait when there is.

Good game idea I just have a few things to say

The map is really good but the things I suggest changing is the background music in the round it just gives me minecraft flashbacks. Another thing is the white screen transition. It hurts my eyes and its like a flash I would make it black instead of white. Its a good game idea it looks fun with a big playerbase.

The lobby is really cool and I like it a lot. One thing I recommend is on the GUI for the shop, and the button below it, maybe move it slightly more towards the screen so the left side of the buttons isn’t right against the side of the screen.

The game is really fun and looks pretty good (especially the lobby) so I don’t have any criticism. The only suggestion I have is that you could maybe add events that happen once in a while to make it even more fun.

What I mean by events:
2x player speed for 30 seconds
1.5x player health for 10 seconds

That sounds fun having random events that happen. I will see what I can do.