Feedback on my game that I am working on

Hello, I am working on a game called “Find The Gears!”. And I would like some proper feedback, I kind of want a rating on the UI, Building, SFX, etc. And If there is a problem, please tell me, thank you.

Game Link: Find The Gears! - Roblox

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Really like it! But there needs to be a little less sunlight because it hurst my eyes, thanks!

Thanks! Haha, someone told me to make the game pop more and bright more, so I decided to make the sun very bright xD

I would say that the game needs a variaty of trees,
but the current ones shown in the thumbnail… I somewhat dislike.

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I actually really like the game! I love the aesthetic, it looks really relaxing and chill, and the music is perfect for it, too!

If I had to suggest anything, it’d be to show the player a hint to a gear when they click on their collection of gears, just so they know where to start looking. Really good work, keep it up! :hugs:

Like the SFX too! The game gives a “bright” feeling to it!

I love the map and overall it’s a decent game! Though, I have some concerns:

  • The map is quite small. There’s not really much to explore (I don’t know if you plan on adding more worlds/maps: if so ignore that)
  • Badges! There are none! Badges may be considered useless but most “Find the _____” games have them and it feels more rewarding to me when I’m granted a badge compared to an in-game pop up (I don’t know why :melting_face:)
  • From what I’m seeing, tokens are not used for anything beneficial. They only are for the leaderboard (which displays the top tokens). I don’t know if you plan on adding something where players can use their tokens but if you do then completely ignore what I said :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that concerns are out of the way, here are some suggestions that can be considered:

Now, I’m not a UI designer but this looks completely off to me:

Instead of being fully transparent, maybe change the background frame to half transparency? If not that, then I suggest blurring the background to better enhance the focus on the collection!

This part:

When climbing the mountain, the clouds can sometimes block vision on important visuals such as the plank or even maybe some gears. Is this intentional?


I completely skipped the plank portion on this part (part of me just wanted to show off my epic roblox parkour skills). Would a regular player do this? Probably not but it’s still something to consider. If you’re wondering how I did it:

Like I said, it’s overall a good game! There are just a few problems that I had with it that I listed above! Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! The tokens do have a benefit which is being able to buy a plank and more tools to come. I will be fixing the cloud problem. and yes there will be more worlds and etc. Someone did let me know about the wall hop, and I will fix that very soon. Thank you for testing.

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Maybe try to add some “secret” rooms to it like in this game called “find the memes” where you find secret rooms etc. sorry to go off topic

They would have too as the plank isn’t solid.

The game is designed to find things … so make some of them hard to get to and some of them hidden. Maybe even make it so some of the things found can help you find others …