Feedback on my game Thumbnail

Hi, Here is a game thumbnail that i made with photoshop and Roblox Studio, Feel free to criticize my work, because i didn’t use advanced software to edit it.


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That is a well made thumbnail that makes me want to play that game, you should be proud of yourself for creating well made thumbnail.
Edit: It really shows what’s going on and what the game is about well done!


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I mean, Its good! You certainly have an eye because that’s a good composition.

However these are what I have noticed:

  1. The Wooden Dock or Pier, it looks like its floating (add shadows of the dock/pier to the water on the right side) and it looks like it doesn’t connect to the land in the background.

  2. The Characters, its either the guy in the wheelchair is too big or the guy at the back is too small.

  3. Use a more serious font, that font looks quirky, unless if the game is of that genre then that’s alright, and try to center-align it.

Overall looks good based on the Softwares you’ve used.

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I like it idk about the quality of the picture maybe use higher graphics.

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I took the picture in Roblox Studio, idk why the quality is bad.

Well, there’s a lot I would change here.

First, a few things I would certainly change:

  1. Add more detail to the trees in the background. They are clearly the same decal and the same angle. Learn from other’s work.
  2. Add more background like mountains or hills. Currently, it’s evident to me that the world ends after a certain point and makes the game look rushed and incomplete.
  3. Add some scenery to the water. Reeds, lilypads or small rocky islands would work nicely.
  4. The shoreline is far too straight. Add some depth to it by varying the direction of the shoreline.
  5. Make the terrain more interesting. The background is far too flat. Add some variation in the height of the terrain.
  6. Maybe mess around with the lighting properties to get something that looks more fitting for the theme of your game.

Enter the game with the thumbnail scene. Bump up graphics to level 10. Then, use SHIFT + P to enter the in-built cinematic camera. Use CTRL + SHIFT + (C/G) (May be G and T) to remove the ROBLOX and custom user interfaces from the game. This will give you a very clear screen for maximum resolution. Use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the camera’s FOV. Take the screenshot using PrtScrn and paste it in your selected photo editor. I recommend making the screenshot looking as interesting and busy as possible.

Next. The actually design process. What is the theme of your game? What is the game’s target audience? Honestly, your title should be the last thing in your thumbnail. It’s the game’s title, after all. A graphic such as a game logo would be more fitting here. If you really must use the title, select a font (not overused or overstylized like your current one) and select a colour other than white. It’s a bit too bright.

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If this is a first timer then its decent, if this isnt then its not good i must say, There are no shadows and the water looks non-realistic and the render for the characters are not smooth. and the Text has no spice to it just bland white

Well, i was just trying, i didn’t use advance software like blender to render it. I was just trying to make a simple one to show what is the game mostly about.